Your Trusted Dental Professionals

Dentist North Madison Dan McKinney

Daniel (Dr. Dan) McKinney (Owner/Dentist)

Dr. Dan’s journey in dentistry is rooted in a strong educational foundation, having graduated from Marquette University with a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree and previously obtaining a Bachelor of Science (BS) from the University of Wisconsin Madison, LET’S GO BADGERS!. His dedication to dentistry began in 1997, driven by a passion for providing patients with treatment options and aiding them in achieving their oral health goals. As a member of prestigious dental associations such as the American Dental Association (ADA), Wisconsin Dental Association (WDA), Dane County Dental Society (DCDS), and the Seattle Study Club (SSC), Dr. Dan continuously hones his skills and stays updated with the latest advancements in dental care.

At McKinney Dental, Dr. Dan’s patients value his attentive and empathetic approach to their concerns. Being a keen listener enables him to understand their needs, ensuring a tailored approach to meet their expectations. His dedication to his craft extends beyond professional boundaries; it’s a family affair. Both his wife, Peggy, and sister, Patty, contribute their expertise to the practice, fostering a familial environment that resonates with patients.

Outside the dental realm, Dr. Dan’s life is a blend of family, sports, and outdoor pursuits. He’s married to a twin and has two adult children, embracing an active lifestyle that includes upland bird hunting in the fall and waterskiing with the Token Creek Waterski Team during the summer. His love for sports shines through his allegiance to the Green Bay Packers and the Wisconsin Badgers, reflecting his deep-rooted connection to his Wisconsin roots. For Dr. Dan, working at McKinney Dental isn’t just a profession; it’s a calling to continue his father’s legacy, carrying forward a tradition that began in 1961 with passion and dedication.

Passion Xiong, Office Manager

Passion Xiong started her career in healthcare management in 2006, attaining a BS in Healthcare Management from Herzing University and a Certificate in HR from Madison Area Technical College. This educational journey laid the groundwork for Passion’s dedicated commitment to professional excellence within the healthcare industry.

Currently serving as the Office Manager at McKinney Dental, Passion finds fulfillment in elucidating patients about their dental benefits. This pivotal role allows her to bridge the gap between patients and their understanding of dental care coverage. Passion’s dedication extends beyond administrative tasks, fostering meaningful relationships with patients. Her approachable demeanor and ability to seamlessly continue conversations from previous visits contribute to an inviting and welcoming environment at McKinney Dental.

Outside her professional realm, Passion finds joy in her family life, embracing the role of a devoted spouse and parent to two daughters. Her interests in crafting and travel offer avenues for creative expression and exploration. Passion draws inspiration from a quote by Kim Namjoon of BTS, cherishing the concept of personal growth and resilience. Embracing the caring ethos of Dr. McKinney, Passion finds genuine satisfaction in working alongside a dentist who embodies compassion and excellence in patient care.

Teresa, Dental Receptionist

Teresa embarked on a career in dentistry in 1993, earning an Associate Degree in Dental Assisting from Madison Area Technical College. With a robust educational background, Teresa established a solid foundation for a career dedicated to patient care and support within the dental field.

Teresa finds immense fulfillment in engaging with patients and staying updated on their families’ happenings. Having devoted over three decades to the practice, Teresa’s extensive tenure has fostered deep connections with patients, enriched by familiarity with their families. Embracing the dynamic responsibilities inherent in a private practice setting, Teresa thrives on the diverse daily duties encountered at McKinney Dental, contributing to the seamless operation of the practice.

Beyond the professional realm, Teresa’s life is enriched by cherished family moments. Proudly parenting two grown children—a daughter and a son—Teresa and her spouse relish the joy of grandparenthood, doting on two beloved granddaughters. Fueling their shared love for exploration, travel occupies a special place in their hearts, allowing Teresa and her spouse to create treasured memories while discovering new destinations together.

Dentist North Madison Peggy

Peggy McKinney, Administration

Peggy McKinney embarked on her professional journey with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. With over a decade of experience in Marketing Research, she seamlessly transitioned into the dental domain, commencing her tenure at McKinney Dental in 2017. Peggy’s multifaceted background contributes to the clinic’s operational efficiency and customer service.

In her role at McKinney Dental, Peggy finds genuine joy in meeting and engaging with each patient, offering her support wherever it’s needed. She cherishes the camaraderie within the clinic, highlighting the incredible team dynamics as the most rewarding aspect of her job. Peggy’s dedication to exceptional customer service resonates with clients, who appreciate her genuine concern for their well-being and her commitment to providing each patient with a positive experience.

Beyond her professional commitments, Peggy’s life is intertwined with family bonds and unique connections. Married to Dr. Daniel McKinney, the couple has two grown children. An interesting facet of Peggy’s personal life is her identical twin sister, who coincidentally married a man named Dan. Their journey includes a remarkable double wedding, and both couples share similar family dynamics, each blessed with a boy and a girl. Peggy’s enthusiasm for her workplace is deeply rooted in the extraordinary team culture at McKinney Dental, where she’s privileged to collaborate with exceptional colleagues who contribute to her professional fulfillment.

Michelle, Dental Hygienist

Michelle entered the field of dental hygiene in 2011 after completing her associate degree in Dental Hygiene. Her educational background laid the groundwork for a career dedicated to fostering optimal oral health in patients through compassionate care and expertise.

As a Dental Hygienist at McKinney Dental, Michelle finds immense fulfillment in building strong relationships with her patients while aiding them in achieving their best oral health. Her approachable and amiable personality, coupled with a calm and gentle demeanor, cultivates an environment of comfort and trust. Clients appreciate Michelle’s friendly nature, making their dental experiences more relaxed and enjoyable.

Outside the dental office, Michelle cherishes her family time with her husband and daughter. Their shared love for travel often leads them to the magical world of Disney, creating cherished memories. Michelle also reveals her passion for sports, particularly supporting teams like the Packers and Bucks, relishing the vibrant atmosphere of live games. Her commitment to McKinney Dental is fueled by the practice’s familial approach to patient care under Dr. Dan’s leadership, emphasizing a strong team dynamic and a friendly and supportive work environment.

Dentist North Madison Patty McKinney

Patty McKinney, Dental Hygienist

Patty McKinney embodies the heart of patient care, bringing over three decades of expertise as a Dental Hygienist. Her journey began in 1985, graduating with an Associate’s from MATC and delving into the field’s intricacies. What she cherishes most is the human connection fostered in her role—a testament to her passion for the people she serves. As Dr. Dan’s sister, Patty brings a personal touch to interactions, fostering a welcoming environment by sharing Dr. Clayton’s dental memories with patients.

At McKinney Dental, Patty thrives within a nurturing environment built on strong teamwork and a sterling reputation. Her commitment to exceptional patient experiences resonates through her work. Beyond the clinic’s walls, Patty finds solace in the tranquility of the Lake House up north, where she indulges in hiking, boating, and the art of jewelry making. Her green thumb flourishes in the garden, a place where she unwinds and nurtures her creativity.

In both her professional and personal spheres, Patty finds joy in the tapestry of human connections. Her dedication to patient care extends beyond the dental chair, blending seamlessly with her love for the outdoors and creative pursuits, shaping a well-rounded, compassionate professional.

Destiny, Dental Assistant

Destiny joined the field in 2022 with a passion for fostering genuine connections with patients. Destiny’s enthusiasm for her role shines through her dedication to providing a personalized and comfortable experience for those she cares for.

Destiny’s relatable nature makes dental procedures more manageable and less daunting. Her empathetic nature and the ease with which she puts people at ease are qualities that truly set her apart. Patients appreciate her warm, approachable demeanor, which transforms dental appointments into welcoming encounters. She finds immense joy in being part of the McKinney Dental team, where she can actively contribute to improving patients’ oral health and educating the community on the significance of maintaining good oral hygiene.

Outside the dental office, Destiny’s background is rooted in rural life, having lived on a farm raising chickens and cows in Arkansas. She has a fondness for outdoor activities and regular workouts at the gym. Destiny also extends her nurturing spirit to her family by assisting her mom with her local small business.